Amis Lyonnais, how about a guitar?

Amis Lyonnais, how about a guitar?

Confinement forces us to risk missing this year’s music festival, but fortunately, nothing prevents you from having fun with music! How about taking advantage of this long period of free time to learn the guitar online for a live video with your friends? No music festival that will make the streets of Lyon vibrate this year so meet your friends for a unique moment between gones!

Why learn the guitar?

Before learning the guitar, it is necessary to have one, if you don’t have a guitar, don’t worry, you will find all the scales on the internet, whether it is new or second-hand. There are many good reasons to learn the guitar: it allows you to develop your creativity, reduce stress and develop your musical ear, and you can impress your friends by learning two or three pieces of music!

Learning to scratch for creativity and rhythm

The guitar is an excellent way to bring the imagination to pretend to be a guitarist, learning basic chords or barred chords is not will have to show your ability to improvise, create a riff, but also to compose your own songs.creativity develops as soon as you start learning on a folk, acoustic or electric develop your own style, we encourage you to improvise in order to make the learning process your own.Take advantage of this opportunity to work on your rhythm by respecting the tempo with the help of a metronome.note that if you have been raised with dancers or musicians, you will be more attentive to the rhythm and you will be able to hear it. You will then have a better chance of making rapid progress, especially at the beginning of learning to play the guitar. If, on the other hand, you do not have a sense of rhythm, you will have to work on it by developing your musical listening skills.

Playing guitar to join a band

Going to sites to learn the guitar online is a good way to start with this instrument. You learn how to tune the guitar, read a tablature or use a mediator correctly. This type of learning allows you to develop your autonomy, but also to evolve at your own pace. You take on the challenges of your choice to progress without losing motivation.Once you have acquired the basics and developed your own style, you can join a group to go even further in your learning. Joining a group is an excellent way to express yourself in music and share with an audience or other musicians. With time and a lot of work, you will even be able to play concerts!

The psychological benefits of learning to play the guitar

Learning guitar online, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, offers many psychological benefits: playing this instrument helps to reduce stress, develop memory, surpass yourself, express your emotions and have fun.

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