Lianne La Havas: "Prince taught me witchcraft on guitar"

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The singer releases her third album where voices and instruments are at the heart, like the affirmation of a style which she claims.

Barack Obama and singer Janelle Monáe recommend listening to Lianne La Havas every night.Prince sang his praises.The 30-year-old London songwriter released her third album (1) and confirmed her immense talent.

Madame Figaro.- Your album multiplies vocal and instrumental prowess like we have hardly heard recently.Would they be less in fashion? Lianne La Havas.- We can do everything with machines, but we have forgotten the importance of voice, instruments.The beauty and art transmitted by singers, musicians who spend a lifetime practicing tirelessly are less To be able to sing and play has become a musical style in itself: Alicia Keys, PJ Harvey or Lady Gaga are well aware of this.

In video, "Paper Thin" the latest single from Lianne La Havas

Your songs reflect a very wide musical palette.How did you create them? Traveling between London and the English countryside, between New York and LA, composing on my 1960s electric guitar, playing with musicians, including jazz drummer Mark Guiliana… This disc contains everything I have listened to since childhood: jazz, soul, neosoul, rock, funk, English pop, bossa nova polyrhythms… I have been playing since the age of 7, my father, of Greek origin, is a musician and my mother, d Jamaican ancestry, music lover.

Posted Date: 2020-07-17

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